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The 100 Black Men of Orange County, Inc. is committed to the dissemination of information that impacts the intellectual, emotional, behavioral and spiritual  development of our youth. Our signature program is entitled “Passport to the Future” and has received rave reviews for the impact it is having on our youth. Our chapter also provides scholarship awards to deserving students who graduate from our Passport Program. Believing that each of our youth is a seed of divinely inspired possibility, our mission is 


“to develop socially conscious, responsible, and respectable African American males, who recognize and can take advantage of life’s opportunities and confront life’s challenges with confident reassurance”


Our graduating classes continue to matriculate through educational institutions across the country. Passport To The Future is the ideal program for identifying, guiding and developing the hidden genius of young African American males.


The Passport to the Future Program outlines six areas of mastery across four years of thematic intervention. The anticipated outcomes include and increase in the level of self-awareness, heighten self-esteem, and enhanced commitment to pursue academic excellence. We strive to develop a stronger sense of their cultural history, a broader capacity to make more responsible decisions in life and to increase their capacity to resolve conflict in non-physical ways and increase community service. 


Any effort to assess outcomes of our Passport Program must be measured against the statistical profile of young African American males generally in society. Data tells us that without intervention, young Black men will have a higher incidence of poor academic performance, higher high school dropout rates, lower High School graduation rates, lower college eligibility and enrollment rates, higher gang participation, higher exposure to violence, higher mortality rates, higher incidence of teenage pregnancy and limited employment options and marketable skills.


We are proud to say that when measured against that societal profile, the youth we teach and mentor compare favorably. Over the past several years, nearly 100% of our high school seniors graduate and nearly all of them are attending either a two year or four year institution. Over the life of the program, the overall number is greater than 70%. Among the institutions attended include Stanford University, Morehouse College, UCLA, UC Irvine, and Howard University.

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