President's Message

Working Together To Empower Our Community

Greetings! I am a passionate leader, dedicated mentor, and forward-thinking philanthropist committed to creating lasting change. As the President of 100 Black Men of Orange County, Inc. (100BMOC), I am honored to be part of an organization dedicated to empowering the African American community one student/family at a time.

Our mission at 100BMOC, is to provide focused, effective, and participatory leadership that improves public perception, public policy and enhances the overall education, social, and economic status of our young people. We will continue to collaborate and coordinate our efforts with other Orange County organizations, focusing on systemic issues that hinder our African American youth from achieving their highest quality of life.

As the premier volunteer mentoring organization in Orange County, we are dedicated to five key initiatives that shape the future of our students:

  1. Mentoring: Inspiring and guiding young minds through positive role models and support. 

  2. Education: Unlocking opportunities through resources and scholarships to excel academically.

  3. Health and Wellness: Promoting physical and mental well-being for our community.

  4. Economic Empowerment: Equipping the youth and their families with tools for professional success and financial literacy.

  5. Leadership: Cultivating confident leaders who will shape a brighter tomorrow.

 Join us on this transformative journey. Learn more about and contribute to our mission. Your support, whether through shared resourcing, donations or active participation, it all makes a significant impact. 

 We truly believe in our moto "What They See Is What They Will Be". So, let us all be the catalysts for change and empowerment. Together, we will shape a brighter tomorrow. 

Warm regards, 

Dereck E. Moore 


100 Black Men of Orange County, Inc.