FBI 2021 Collegiate Hiring Initiative | Now Accepting Applications


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Subject: **FBI 2021 Collegiate Hiring Initiative | Now Accepting Applications **


The FBI Collegiate Hiring Initiative postings are currently available nationwide.

Positions Posted: Auditor, Budget Analyst, Data Analyst, Equipment Specialist, Electronics Technician Trainee, Government Information Specialist, HR Assistant, HR Specialist, IT Specialist, Management and Program Analyst, Management and Program Assistant, Operational Support Technician, Records Conversion Technician, Security Specialist

Application Deadline: 09/30/2020

Applicants interested in this program should apply on-line at

The FBI’s Collegiate Hiring Initiative recruits graduating seniors or individuals who have undergraduate, graduate or PhD degrees to begin their careers in a hands-on, supportive team environment. Collegiate Hires make tremendous contributions to the FBI’s mission, from ensuring the smooth running of operational squads by performing key business and administrative functions, to working as a core part of the investigative teams by analyzing and visualizing data, among many other opportunities.

Key Requirements

  1. Attend/have attended a college or university as an undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral student. Recent graduates must have graduated within 24 months of the program date; veterans within 72 months. Upcoming graduates must graduate by June 2021 to be eligible.

  2. Have and maintain at least a 2.95 GPA or better at the time of application and through graduation.

  3. Pass all FBI employment background investigation requirements and be able to obtain a Top Secret security clearance.

Questions about the Collegiate Hiring Initiative can be directed to Breanna Espejo at 310.996.3618 | or Martice Hawkins at 310.996.3697 |